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The Isaiah 61 Initiative is a project of

Sun Ministries, Inc. 1515 Newhouse Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63107

a registered 501(c)3 Not for Profit corporation.

Executive Director - Dr. Terry Goodwin

Cell 636-544-2151


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The Isaiah 61 Initiative

Vision – To declare God’s Glory through the spiritual renewal and physical restoration of the people and the land of America starting in the most desperate areas of our major cities.

Mission – To call for and facilitate a major missionary movement back to the devastated areas of our inner cities to establish homes and businesses, restore the land, and serve the people living there with the love of Jesus Christ.

The Isaiah 61 Initiative

Sun Ministries launched this nationwide effort to rebuild America's most devastated inner cities in 2009. Starting in North St. Louis Missouri, we are facilitating a missionary call to the most devastated areas of our country. This aggressive initiative uses all of our existing programs to solve problems that have plagued these areas for generations. By training and relocating young missionaries to live and work in these areas, we will rebuild the decaying structures, minister to the neediest residents and make a generational impact on these areas.


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